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Dr. Charles A. Buscema

Dr. Charles A. Buscema

Addiction Medicine and General Psychiatry

Dr. Buscema is currently the Medical Director of SequelCare of Florida where he engages in the treatment of children, adolescents and adults in a general psychiatric setting. In addition, he is Medical Director for several detoxification and rehabilitation facilities in Florida and also liaisons as Medical Director for Halfway houses and IOP programs for post-acute treatment intervention.


What some of our patients have said about us:

Dr. Buscema is a very helpful doctor. He actually cares about his patients. He tries to help you with what it is you need. He seems to actually care. He gets to know you and it’s easy to talk to him. His staff is very friendly and does a great job scheduling, taking phone calls, payments, processing prior authorizations in a very timely manner.


Opioid Detoxification Treatment Patient.

I have made several positive changes in my life since receiving treatment with Dr. Buscema. My physical health, self-esteem and confidence levels have improved greatly. He is helping me to discover life without drugs. 


Drug Rehabilitation Treatment.

Addiction Treatment Doctor Offering Opiate Addiction Treatment in Florida

If you have an opiate addiction, getting the help you need to overcome the problem can be a challenge. Many people feel unable to commit to a residential opiate withdrawal treatment, as they have work to go to or caring responsibilities. Others feel that an opiate replacement prescription just isn’t going to be enough to make their morphine detox or Suboxone withdrawal a success. In these circumstances and more, our heroin withdrawal treatment can work exceptionally well.

Outpatient Suboxone Treatment Which Combines Mental and Physical Assistance

Our doctor for addiction treatment believes that medication to lessen the side effects of opiate addiction should be combined with an appropriate talking therapy in order to achieve the best results. Often, addiction and mental health problems are interlinked; our addiction psychiatrist aims to offer a holistic treatment that helps every patient towards improved mental and physical well-being.

Opiate Withdrawal Drug Addiction Treatment

Our programs for Opiate addiction detox and benzo detox are tailored to meet the individual needs of our patients. On arrival, we complete a thorough assessment and examination. This information enables us to come up with an individualized treatment that stands a good chance of success. The addiction treatment we offer include family counseling when needed, helping your family to help you when it comes to an opiate free lifestyle.

Benzo Withdrawal and Oxycontin Rehab Treatment in Florida

If you’re looking for cost-effective Suboxone detox and other opiate addiction programs, we’re here for you. We aim to make our treatment options as accessible as we can, adopting an outpatient model in order to ensure as many people as possible are able to benefit. To find out more about what we can offer or get in touch with our sympathetic, compassionate team to book an appointment, call us at (772) 618-0505.

Out-Patients Program

Out-Patients Program

Outpatient programs primarily intended to transition patients from dependence on opiate medication to therapeutic alternatives such as Suboxone therapy which is intended to stabilize the cravings and withdrawal symptoms until the patient reaches comfortable maintenance.

One-On-One Sessions

One-On-One Sessions

Dr. Charles Buscema dedication will exceed any expectations. He will go above and beyond to meet with the person in-need  at a personal level with multiple and extensive one-on-one sessions.

Family Sessions

Family Sessions

We believe that addiction affects not only the patient but also the people who love and care for them.
Our family service helps communicate and acknowledge the recovery process for all the members involved.

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How Do You Help Someone with Morphine Addiction?

Addiction affects everyone in the family. When someone you love suffers from drug addiction, it's hard to know what to do. How do you help? Don't play the blame-game Blaming your loved one isn't going to help. It's only going to put up emotional barriers between you...
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6 Points to Overcoming Drug Addiction

Overcoming Suboxone addiction is possible. It's going to entail a long, tough road ahead but taking the following steps can help improve your chances at a successful recovery: Commit to it The first step is committing to it. Make the decision to change your life and...
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Do’s and Don’ts of Helping an Addict Through Recovery

Helping an oxycontin addict quit can be a frustrating and emotionally wrenching experience. But it's well worth it. Want your loved one to recover and live drug-free? Here are do's and don'ts on how to reach out: Do talk about it Talk to the person. Express any...
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Options for Opiate Addicts – Is There a “Right” Way to Get Clean?

Faced with breaking an opiate drug abuse habit, patients in detox and rehabilitation programs have many options. Choosing the right avenue for an individual’s addiction issues can take some trial and error. However, it is statistically proven that seeking opiate...
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How Suboxone is Different Than Other Opiate Withdrawal Medications

Opiate addiction is a serious issue in America. Just recently, a national epidemic was declared because of overuse and abuse of these drugs. Unfortunately, walking away from ongoing opiate use is very difficult, partly due to the serious side effects experienced by...
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6 Ways to Offer Support to a Loved One Going Through Treatment and Withdrawal

If you think your loved one is struggling with withdrawal, here’s how you can offer help and support: Get the right mindset A lot of people still believe that mere willpower can trump over drug and alcohol dependency. That’s not the case. Addiction results in changes...
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5 Ways to Help a Family Member Through Rehab

Helping a loved one through rehab isn't easy. Here are some guidelines to follow: Get help Oxycontin is another type of opiate, says WebMD. Need to assist your loved in looking for an oxycontin rehab treatment in California? Look the right program, doctor and...
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Suboxone Withdrawal Factors

Suboxone, medically known as Buprenorphine, is used to help ease symptoms of opiate addiction. However, by itself, it can be used to provide pain relief for chronic pain. Since it helps patients who suffer from opiate addiction, those who use the drug can inevitably...
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Causes of Withdrawal

Withdrawal is caused by the separation of oneself from something else. In this case; withdrawal refers to the discontinuation using of mind-altering substances such as prescription medications, recreational drugs or alcohol. Withdrawal symptoms can occur after...
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Epigenetic Alteration a Promising New Drug Target for Heroin Use Disorder

NEW YORK, NY  – March 22, 2017 /Press Release/  ––  Heroin use is associated with excessive histone acetylation, an epigenetic process that regulates gene expression, and more years of drug use correlate with higher levels of hyperacetylation, according to research...
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Naltrexone-Assisted Detox vs Buprenorphine Taper for Opioid Dependence

In a randomized controlled trial conducted by researchers at the New York State Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, an 8-day detoxification process using low-dose oral naltrexone showed superior efficacy to the standard...
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Do We Really Need to Continue Pharmacotherapy for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) Indefinitely?

Rajendra D. Badgaiyan1,2*, Sampada Sinha1 and Kenneth Blum3 1Laboratory of Molecular and Functional Imaging, Department of Psychiatry, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN 55414, USA 2Laboratory of Advanced Radiochemistry, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN...
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Epigenetic Alteration a Promising New Drug Target for Heroin Use Disorder – The Mount Sinai Hospital (via The Mount Sinai Hospital)

Heroin use is associated with excessive histone acetylation, an epigenetic process that regulates gene expression, and more years of drug use correlate with higher levels of hyperacetylation, according to research conducted at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount...
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